Devanti Water Cooler Dispenser Stand Cold Hot Chiller Purifier 22L Bottle Filter


Discover the ultimate hydration solution with the Devanti Water Cooler Dispenser Stand. This feature-packed dispenser offers both cold and hot water options, providing refreshing chilled beverages and steaming hot drinks at your fingertips. With a generous 22L capacity, you’ll never run out of water during gatherings or busy office hours. The integrated chiller and purifier bottle filter ensure that every sip is clean, crisp, and free from impurities. Upgrade your water-drinking experience with the Devanti Water Cooler Dispenser Stand and enjoy the convenience of pure, filtered water whenever you need it.

Top-loading design
22L water filter container
Electronic refrigeration
Food grade plastic
6-stage filtration system
Comes with two replacement filters
Dual taps
Hot and cold water spouts
LED indicators
Child-lock function
Hot/Cold water on/off switch
Large storage cabinet
Adjustable tray height
Water drainage hole
Removable water guide plate and drip tray
Anti-slip feet
Over-current protection
Electric-shock protection
Anti-dry protection
Overheat safety protection
Smart water guide plate
Note: Plug in the water guide plate when using bottled water. Unplug it when using our water filter container.


Package Content
Devanti Water Cooler x 1
Water Filter Container x 1
Replacement Filter x 2
Bonus Filter Cloth (4 different types) x 1 pack
User Manual x 1

Overall dimensions:
Water cooler: 30cm x 30cm x 87.5cm
Water purifier container: 28cm x 28cm x 55cm
Water filter: 8cm x 18.5cm
Cable length: 170cm


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