Leather Key Tray


If you’re looking for an easy way to stores keys, small phones, and other essentials in an organized fashion, the Empty your Pockets Daddy Leather Key Tray is the perfect solution. This stylish tray makes a fantastic gift for Dad on occasions like Father’s Day, his birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or an anniversary. Crafted from durable leather and with enough room to store multiple items securely inside, this key tray provides both convenience and style. Say goodbye to shuffling through messy drawers for important items – this key tray keeps them all neat and accessible. Not only that, but it’ll make a sweet surprise for your dad with its message showing how excited you were waiting for him when he returns home with his faithful valet tray in hand. Spoil him with a special gesture just because you can – but don’t forget to add this lovely piece of craftsmanship to your shopping cart first!

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