Silicone Thermosensitive Spoons


We are always striving to please by introducing different foods, encouraging babies to eat a variety and maintain a healthy diet. We ensure their meals are freshly prepared, warm, and at a pleasant temperature. To make mealtime more special and enjoyable, Cling has developed the thermosensitive silicone spoon for babies starting from 6 months old, during the weaning phase. The Cling thermosensitive silicone spoons have an angled tip, making it easier for the baby to bring the spoon to their mouth and encouraging self-feeding. Additionally, they feature color-changing technology to indicate when the food’s temperature is too hot.

With the Kit 2 Silicone Thermosensitive Spoons in charming pink, your baby can safely explore different tastes and textures while developing independence and healthy eating habits. Trust Cling to provide you with the ideal tools for your little one’s feeding journey.

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