Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Water Cup


Introducing the Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Cup – a 600ml stainless steel water bottle designed with your health and convenience in mind. With its UVC-LED technology, the Smart UV Sterilization Water Cup ensures that drinking water is dirt free and bacteria free. The cup is made of sturdy, durable 304 stainless steel and has a smooth mouth for comfort when you take sips. With two simple taps on the switch, purple light will flash to lock dirt, then press the green button to activate sterilization. And once activated, you can be assured the cup will give you an ultra clean drink every time without fail. To further keep your cup safe and secure, it comes with an additional waterproof cover and looks elegant with its sleek design – fit for using anywhere and anytime! Get it today and start hydrating healthier with the Smart Ultraviolet Sterilization Cup!

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