Stainless Steel Storage Container with Spoon


Discover the convenience of our Stainless Steel storage container range with an integrated spoon for effortless meal prep and storage. Perfect for keeping your kitchen organized and your meals fresh, this container is designed to make your cooking experience hassle-free. Get yours today!
-The lid has a display date to remind your coffee storage time.
-The top of the canister is provided with a one-way exhaust valve, which solves the problem that the canister can not be unidirectional exhausted and also solves the problem of long-term storage, preservation and drinking of coffee beans.
-Coffee canister has a freshness valve which vents out harmful carbon dioxide but
prevents oxygen getting in.
-Sealing rubber ring, non-toxic, environmental health, durable.
-This Container can store not only coffee bean, also other beans, tea which need to be kept in vacuum space.
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